Long Island

workers compensation

I have 30 years insurance experience specializing in Workers Compensation. Not only will I underwrite your policy, I consult with you, and make sure that your business is properly classified for the risk.

At the end of the policy period when it is time for an audit (yes you will be audited yearly if you are a up and coming artisan or general contractor) I will use my 12 years as an auditor to prepare the documents and handle the audit on your behalf.


Experience Modification Reviews

Your experience mod factor is determined by the number of losses your company has as well the the extent of the injuries sustained. Comp Matters offers an extensive review of these losses with the ultimate goal of locating errors by the insurance carrier to lower your experience factor.


Worker’s compensation audit

With the extensive knowledge of insurance audits, Comp Matters will conduct policy reviews to be sure coding and the payroll figures are accurate. We also offer audit consultations/preparations for all industries; construction, restaurants, supermarkets, property management – building operations to name a few.

Group placement

You may be eligible to be placed in a safety group to receive dividends, discounts and risk management services. General Group 90 are all companies that are insured by the New York State Insurance Fund but are not within a Safety Group. Comp Matters will review your policy history to determine your eligibility.

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