Long Island

Insurance & Workers Compensation

Over 30 years pinpointing issues with existing policies then finding the best ways to help my clients.

Get it right the first time.

Long Island

workers compensation

I have 30 years insurance experience specializing in Workers Compensation. Not only do I underwrite your policy, I consult with you, and make sure that your business is properly classified for the risk.

At the end of the policy period when it is time for an audit (yes you will be audited yearly if you are a up and coming artisan or general contractor) I will use my 12 years as an auditor to prepare the documents and handle the audit on your behalf.

Long Island


I live and work on Long Island and I understand the unique needs of long Island home owners. I have been able to save my clients thousands of dollars on their homeowners policies and personlizing it to their needs.

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My job is to make your life less stressful so you can make the most out of your home and business. Contact me and let’s find out how we can best work together.

“You don’t work a 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Nor do I. I am easily reached and “no time is a bad time”. You won’t get a recording at 5:05pm that the office is closed.”

Tricia Baratta

Comp Matters Inc.